What is Street Style?

Streetstyle is a fashion statement rooted from the urban flair of street wear. It is an individualistic approach to personal styling that shows off authenticity rather than current trends. Streetstyle or street fashion as an expression can also reflect the current adversity of a fashion capital like Milan, Paris, Tokyo, London or New York. As a common standard, nuances of sportswear and utilitarian outerwear are employed with an appropriate mix of high-end pieces.

Social Media Impact

With the presence of social media more dominantly by Instagram, aspiring influencers are given the freedom to curate their own style and even create their own rules when it comes to streetstyle. The bolder, edgier, and more colorful snaps in an urban backdrop get more attention and popularity.

Relevance to Fashion Week

Due to the presence of influencers and celebrities wearing streetstyle fashion while gracing the front rows of runway shows, the streetstyle scene has started getting the photographers’ attention. In fact, the buzz inside the runway and backstage where all the collections are presented is equally resounding especially when prominent public figures are arriving the show location. Photographers run and swarm over a-lister attendees to capture that perfect streetstyle shot. Magazines like Vogue, Elle and Grazia in the last 10 yeears have dedicated web pages showing the best streetstyle looks during fashion week.

Streetstyle Royalty

Chiara Ferragani, a multi-faceted influencer remains to be the queen of streetstyle with a whopping 21 million Instagram following to back up this claim. Aimee Song, Anna dello Russo, Miroslava Duma, Tamara Kalinic and Sussie Lau are few others who also dominate streetstyle fashion. As for the men’s department, Justin O’shea, Mariano di Vaio, Johannes Huebl and Nick Wooster make it to the top male street style list. Our very own Bryan Boy, Heart Evangelista, sisters Liz and Laureen Uy and Camille Co-Koro are also seen gracing numerous publications for their unique streetstyle fashion.


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