Virtual Storefronts: Fashion Industry takes a step to go virtual

No one could have ever predicted the outbreak brought about by the coronavirus (COVID-19). The world had to adapt to the pandemic despite its crippling effects on global economies. The fashion industry, in particular, was hit tremendously due to its innate nature of being a point of social interaction throughout the consumer process. With international travel heavily discouraged and social distancing enforced, multiple fashion brands have either diverted to e-commerce or shut down stores with lower foot traffic. Amidst these pressing times, creativity and technology have always been one not to succumb to defeat. With the evolving technology of today, leading fashion brands have innovated and pioneered virtual storefronts that are COVID-19 safe and also very immersive, engaging, and consumer-friendly.

Imagine walking into your favorite fashion store without leaving the comfort and safety of your home; instead, you utilize Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to simulate the actual store experience. You are now captivated by your fashion store of choice. You can now explore multiple points of interest like the gleaming hallways of the luxury fashion house, Gucci Garden, showcased in a 360° virtual tour, or wander around Diesel’s Hyperoom to explore the AR version of the brand’s latest designer products. 

Companies such as BrandLab can provide the solution needed to express a brand identity, theme, and history with the use of virtual storytelling through bespoke virtual showrooms. These create an environment that will immerse you into the virtual world along with interactive elements that will allow you, the consumer, to experience the products as if they were in real life. At the same time, you can attend virtual showrooms and fashion shows with the power to examine, test, and purchase items that are to your liking. 

Ultimately, with imagination, creativity, and technological innovation, the fashion industry has taken a huge step in combating the struggles the pandemic has brought about and will come back strong and in style.

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