Virtual Designer Feature: Timur Mitin

With an inclination towards interior designing and abstract digital art, Timur Mitin is a dynamic architect that does not muse over a definite style. Timur was born in Turkmenistan and moved to Turkey at the age of 10. As a young man, he engaged in computer graphics, studied Sketchup and V-ray while simultaneously working for a construction company and creating building facades and insulation systems in 3D programs. In 2010 he moved to Moscow to study Architecture and got his degree by 2015 from the Moscow Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

After graduation, he got a job at the SNEG company that designs public interiors and has been working there for 4 years. As a pastime, he manages an Instagram page and enjoys city life with a camera in hand.

His main sources of inspiration are big cities, movies, other authors of great interior designs, and street photography.

For Timur, virtual designing is a key to develop designs of all sorts. From his point of view, one of the advantages of virtual designing is the freedom of testing all the variables while viewing the end results with different options. His main drives are digital creations born from computer graphics and 3D concepts. With 3D Max, V-ray, Corona renderer, and Fstorm Render as his main tools, he starts each design with a clean slate and an initial idea that will continually evolve as he applies borrowed ideas from countless projects he finds as he explorers and studies day today. As he fuses and adjusts all the different ideas into his own, he meticulously chooses the right colors and appropriate lighting.

As inspiration, he mainly references and admires the works of architects such as Frank Gehry, Daniel Libeskind, Zaha Hadid, Dean West, Tony Cragg, Jean Michel Basquiat. He also follows other more inconspicuous but not less talented artists such as Dean West, Gregory Crewdson, Joel Rea, Crosby Studios (Harry Nuriev), Maria Lundström (a visual artist), David Esquivel (a visual artist), Jeroen Erosie Heeman, Antoni Tudisco, Mike Winkelmann (Beeple), Stefano Rookie Casati, James Roper, Michael Reeder, Viktor Balaguer, Giuseppe ER (a photographer), Erik Witsoe, Lerone Pieters (The Vantage Point).

Timur can be described as an architect with no defined styling cues, each design is unique and of a contemporary vanguard, keeping up to new trends in the world of interior design and digital art.  Through an exploration of aesthetics, different styles, and testing in digital trials, he is able to create new concoctions that are unique in its class.

Photos from Timur Mitin @timurmtn

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