Virtual Designer Feature: OUUM Studio

It is an unspoken truth in the design industry that a visual presentation can make or break a project. The processes, programs, and spaces that were studied can easily turn to waste with a single incomprehensible image. Visualization has been a crucial discipline since ancient times and in this age of lightning-fast technology, it is important to deliver comprehensive and realistic images to clients at a fast rate. Luckily for designers, some firms specialize in visual presentations that help them bring their projects to life. 

Some firms, however, went far beyond what’s present and sprung another industry taking advantage of CGI and satisfying the needs of developing further human perception. 

Ouum Studio started in 2016 as a multidisciplinary design studio providing Architectural and Interior Design Visualization services. They eventually shifted to product design, creative art, and set design visualization after realizing their interest and specialty on the niches mentioned. 

When asked how Ouum studio would assess the value of virtual design or CGI in the modern scene, “CGI becomes an indispensable tool to show product display (especially when the traditional methods are complicated or mostly impossible). This is also an option to seek a new perspective to express and represent rising brands. CGI gives almost immense diversity to production.”

Ouum Studio recognizes CGI’s fast evolution makes it a necessary tool to showcase a project. Technological advancement created a directly proportional effect on the complexity and scheduling of projects. These lead designers to shift digitally since manual work would take a lot of time. 

Ouum studio uses different programs per project like 3ds Max, Zbrush, Side FX Houdini, Fstorm render, and post-production is done through photoshop. An image production would take up to 12 hours or depends on the complexity of the project.

As part of their design process, the studio considers every image as a laboratory to try out undiscovered techniques and ideas. Virtual Design is not just about creating beautiful images but it’s also about conveying a thoughtful message. It is an art movement exploring the visual capacity of spectators digitally.   

Ouum studio often gets inspired by landscape or spaces that evoke a special ambiance, where they can dissect, nurture, and embolden an idea bringing it to a higher sensibility. They collect ideas from the modernist architecture, the 60s and 70s artworks, writeups by Andre Breton, and artists like Rene Magritte. Sometimes they unexpectedly find ideas from trinkets and décor sold in the flea market. Traveling, and mundane conversations with friends and family can also give the right push to start a project. 

Artists and designers like Six n’ five studio, Verner Panton, Ettore Sottsass, Joe Colombo, and the Bauhaus movement are considered greatest influencers of Ouum Studio. This is evident in their works, from the use of high contrast direct complementary colors, Bauhaus inspired interiors, sleek mid-century modern furniture, and surrealistic ambiance present in all their images. 

As promising virtual designers, it’s also interesting to know their thoughts on the trends in their industry. It’s always in their mind to keep track of the latest trends that can shake things up in their industry. AR and VR is something that they look forward to since it brings tactile senses to virtual design giving another dimension to capturing man’s attention and perception. “Since this VR and AR magic will grow faster to help brands be on the sight of their customers. The fight for the capture of human attention just started!”

Do you have any favorite digital art by Ouum studio? Comment below and share it with us!

Maxine Panlilio graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in Manila. She started her career under Dominic Galicia Architects where she worked on high profile projects such as the National Museum of Natural History in Manila. Maxine is also the Founder of Maison Panlilio, an Architecture and Interior design studio based in Manila. Her inquisitive nature and love for writing lead Maxine to explore Architecture and Design through her blog, Compendiary (

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