Virtual Designer Feature: Lioncolony

Graphics by @lioncolony

Once you land on Lioncolony’s Instagram profile, you will find yourself busy scrolling through his profile and watching his mesmerizing video loops over and over again. His designs are usually inviting and vibrant; it will definitely get your attention – the combination of alluring visuals and soft sounds can trigger a tingling sensation that gives you a feeling of real comfort and deep relaxation.

Three-dimensional animated soft jellies, bouncing bubbles and gloopy materials are usually presented as the main matter of Lioncolony’s works. The colorful and delightful objects are made to appear being cut, sliced or manipulated by a mechanical machine; soft and hypnotizing sounds that tend to be created by the object or movement are also incorporated in the videos, heightening the overall sensation. 

Graphics by @lioncolony

According to the designer, the process of creating these videos can usually span from one day to one month; depending on its complexity. It starts with an inspiration and looking for video references online, then the designer contemplates on how he will translate it with his own specific style before rendering the visuals in various “computer graphics” software. The pop of colors is very evident in the design style of Lioncolony, with references to influential figures like Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami; the designer is able to translate avant-garde in virtual design.  

With the digital technology and artistic expression being more intertwined today; ACIIID has asked Lioncolony on what for him is the value of Virtual Design in the modern design scene; his answer –  “I think we can take the situation that’s currently happening to the world right now as an example, even without it, almost everyone is using their mobile phones, wherever they commute, we are actually looking at Virtual Design unknowingly, it’s become integrated into our lives!”. The designer is also seeing more interactive options in design in the future, as with the fast advancements in handheld technology that is happening today. 

Graphics by @lioncolony

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Edited by Jegs Santos

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