The Ethereal Beauty of Azulik

In the Mayan Forests in Mexico, an otherworldly cultural community is built around the heart of the forest. The meandering pathways, free-form domes, and walls are designed by Argentine-born Hotel owner and designer, Eduardo Neira, or simply known as Roth, whose vision is to build a space where art convenes and becomes one with nature.

Roth is the founder and owner of Azulik, a brand with initiatives around reconnection, hospitality, gastronomy, wellness, fashion, innovation, and art. Azulik has two locations, in Tulum and in Francisco Uh May. Tulum is a multi-faceted center that combines hospitality, gastronomy, art, fashion, and wellness. AZULIK Uh May, on the other hand, is a city of arts and holistic center located in the middle of the jungle. As of now, it has a museum, a jungle restaurant, and a private residence.

All of the captivating architecture in each location have seen to be environmentally conscious. Unlike other resorts modernizing nipa huts or cottages, your usual angles and geometry are non-existent in Azulik. The Alienous design language prominent is brought about by Roth architecture’s goal to achieve zero carbon footprint and to be organic as possible on their respective site locations.

The poetic spaces are built using an imaginative combination of locally sourced materials like cement surfaces, and raw “Bejuco” wooden floors – vine-like plant native to the region. Undulations brought by the site appear from the floor and up to the walls and ceiling. The organic forms also create opportunities for out of this world design for furnishing and furniture.

Construction may seem to be impossible with this vision but Roth believes that this whole project is a collaboration among designers where every day is like troubleshooting, always has room for improvement and discovery. Due to its astounding and unconventional architecture, one of the things that spice up the construction is following building rules and codes. Unconventional is always challenged by the rules, but Roth finds these things as opportunities for a better design. 

As of now, Azulik Uh May will continue to expand up to 10 acres. The present Azulik projects are not yet in full construction but Roth architecture assures that these are already in the masterplan and will be completed.

Have you seen the beauty of Azulik architecture and Interiors? Share it with us in the comment section below!

Images from @roth_architecture

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