The Cassina Milano Perspective 2020

The current global situation has provided a time for mass reflection and a chance for everyone to restart and to look towards a more positive future. Although there are challenges brought about by the climate of uncertainty, for Luca Fuso, Cassina’s Chief Executive Officer, restarting means both “having more knowledge and more awareness” and also an opportunity for the company to give more thought on the role of the home today.

Characterized as “conscious and considerate”, The Cassina Perspective 2020 showcases a number of pieces that were developed using innovative materials that are focused on sustainability and well-being. The collection itself offers a “holistic approach to home atmospheres” as manifested in the new schemes for the living and dining areas, the preservation of historical heritage from the iconic reissues, as well as the “introduction of Ico Parisi as a new maestro, to new, high-quality product innovation.”

The launch of Cassina LAB, a collaboration between the Cassina Research and Development Centre and at the Politecnico di Milano, gave way for the company to carry out an all-inclusive stratagem for improving domestic interiors as well as material innovations that addresses concerns on conscious consumption and environmental considerations.

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Ergonomically-designed, sophisticated, and versatile, the Sengu Sofa by Patricia Urquiola, Duc-Duc sofa by Mario Bellini and Mex-Hi sofa by Piero Lissoni, are some of the notable pieces in the collection that has been incorporated with cushion padding combined with 100% recycled fiber made from PET bottles mostly recovered from the sea.

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An extension of the collection is The Cassina Perspective at Night, which features an assemblage of items for the bedroom with the aim to help facilitate “rest, reflection and regeneration”. Aside from the accessories from Neri&Hu, noteworthy pieces in the collection are the Bio-mbo bed by Patricia Urquiola and the Acute bed by Rodolfo Dordoni because of its well-being enhancements. To simply explain the feature, the Bio-mbo bed and Acute bed are both integrated with a padded headboard that uses Soundfil®, a non-toxic sound-absorbing thermal insulator that reduces “reverberation of sound frequencies”, and theBreath®, a purifying fabric that “captures and disintegrates pollutants” to help promote natural air circulation.

With the renewed awareness from having the opportunity to restart, Cassina has provided conscious alternatives and a better perception on products in terms of improving the quality of life of its users. Cassina has offered innovative solutions focusing on the “cognitive dimensions of comfort”–breathing new life not only into the future of the home but also into the future of Cassina–because as per Luca Fuso “in the end, well-being is what matters most at home or in shared spaces”. 

To learn and discover more pieces from The Cassina Perspective 2020, either check them out  digitally or at the Cassina Milan Showroom, starting from the end of June until the end of the year. 

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