The Art of Pandemic Awareness

Day by day we struggle as the pandemic gets worse and mankind gets more and more in danger. Each one of us has a different perspective and is challenged with various hardships in this current situation. Just like the movie Parasite, we all view things in a different perspective; some people might be privileged to stay at home and only worry about coping up with boredom, while some lose their jobs and had to live by themselves which may cause paranoia or anxiety. These hardships we experience are so difficult to manage but come to think of it, these are nothing compared to what our modern heroes face in this situation.

To our selfless front liners, you are humanity’s greatest hope and we are extremely thankful for your dedication and bravery in fighting this battle. No words can ever repay your sacrifices. We salute you for your dedication and service!

We want to dedicate this article to our modern heroes as well as to all the people in need of help, may we shine some light and spread awareness through these inspiring & creative artworks made by these amazing artists.

1, Art by Carlo Vergara (@carvercomics)

2. Art by Jer Dee (@jer.dee)

2. Art by James Atillo

3. Art by Makó Micro-Press (@mako.micropress)

4. Art by Eu Fabula (@euu.create)

5. Art by Hulyen (@hulyen)

6. Art by Elle (@artbyelle.ppt)

7. Art by Murugiah (@_murugiah)

8. Art by Balbusso Twins @balbusso_twins

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