Pritzker Prize – Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara

The creation of architecture involves a great amount of willpower, knowledge and intelligence. But, to create good architecture an even greater amount of sensibility, wisdom and humanity is required. Yvonne Farrell and Shelly McNamara have recently entered the select group of Pritzker Architecture Prize laureates, a distinction they now share with only three other fellow female architects.

In a discipline that is mostly dominated by men, women are often challenged with the daring task of developing a successful professional career amidst all the struggles related to sexism and life itself. Let us not be fooled, many women in spite of all of these setbacks have risen and demonstrated their talent.

The devotion to architecture presented on Farrell and McNamara’s long list of successful works is a solid proof of higher values on humanity and a true lesson of the correct application of the technical and emotional knowledge required to, as they say themselves, create “a framework for human life” and to demonstrate “a real belief that architecture matters”.

Originally from Ireland their work is spread over different parts of the world and for 40 years they have dealt with the intricate challenge of translating need into space. With an approach of dealing with the quality of the space over the object of architecture, they have through curious exploration, openness and a thorough ability to observe, made buildings that are generous with “nature’s free gifts”, therefore naturally efficient, sustainable and with the ability to enhance their immediate surroundings, communities and the cities around them.

With a keen respect of the impact of surfaces, they use natural materials to create contemporary works in touch with the local setting, without losing a common design language. Therefore enhancing architecture’s importance as a component of civilization.

ACIIID appreciates the generosity of their practice and congratulates Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara for the well-deserved recognition

Rafa Perez-Peguero

Rafa Pérez-Peguero is an architect and designer based in the Caribbean. He is an architecture graduate of the Iberoamerican University of Santo Domingo, as well as a master graduate on Furniture Design of the University of Buenos Aires. He combines his constant curiosity for design, art and everything related to lifestyle with an interest on creative processes and human connections.

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