Prada Hyper Leaves

Ever heard of the saying ”When Fashion Meets Architecture”? Well in this case, it’s more of interior design rather than architecture. Prada, one of our favorite leading Italian brands, once again successfully shows the strong link between fashion and set-up design. The fashion house recently launched a new funky and popping store interiors. Dubbed as Hyper Leaves, selected boutiques all over the world got a revamp in neon green fluo lights, foliage motif wall cladding, bright green carpet flooring and banana-leaf inspired display tables.

The women’s section highlights a forest pavilion constructed with green painted metal mesh and neon lights on a green carpet flooring. The men’s on the other hand features a giant baobab tree made with painted metal mesh and Prada triangle logos for that hyper realistic setting.

Photos by Melo Albert

Full-time architectural designer. Part-time fashion globetrotter. Milan.

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