#POVEMENT: Plants Rights Movement

With the rise of #BiophilicRefuge, more and more people are getting drawn to house plants due to their empathy enhancing qualities for home improvement or interior design. It has become part of #ConcurrentCocooning and #WellnessCulture. It is currently one of the major environmental movements that ACIIID is investigating on.

Most home owners are now becoming plant hoarders. Without us knowing it, people’s improvident choice of consumption led to careless and irresponsible attitudes toward plants, and the number of withered or sickened plants increased according to Povement.

@POVEMENT2020 is a project name combining ‘plant’ and ‘movement’, which implies a method of respect that ‘move’ pet plants indoors to outdoors, and our ‘movement’ that informs people about the rights of companion plants. It began with a concern about the relationship between people and plants. The project encourages modern people who have begun to accept plants as companions to rethink from plants’ standpoint.

This project or movement was able to bear fruitful innovations for plant caring. POVEMENT designed and released movable pots called ‘walking with plants’ as a way to respect and give extra care for plants. Furthermore, POVEMENT informs “the rights of plants to feel nature” through flags, posters, and photographs, and suggests that create ‘the pet plant culture’ that respects pet plants to people, together. Just like owning a dog, they were able to design various systems and carriers that applies to different sizes of plants. The story and application is something wacky and unfamiliar but through this bizarre innovation, POVEMENT expects people to change their minds about the plants in the house after seeing  their clear message, which is worth considering. POVEMENT also hopes that their message will continue in people’s minds, and that the right perception that it is a ‘life’ that communicates with us, not a ‘product’ that plants indiscriminately consume in pursuit of fashion, and that a mature ‘pet plants culture’ will be in our society.

What do you think about #POVEMENT?

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Patrick James “PJ” Almera describes himself as an artistic and multi-faceted Architect, Designer, Stylist & Creative Director. He has a strong passion to influence and elevate the lifestyle of people one design venture at a time.

As a recent graduate from his Master in Contemporary Interior Design at Istituto Marangoni - Milano Design School, he was able to juggle and pursue different paths in various art & design fields. Almera's interdisciplinary practice all came from his passion as well as his professional background. After graduating from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in Manila with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture back in 2015, he then took up crash courses in Advanced Interior Styling at SoFA Design Institute - Makati where he found his true passion for styling and curating spaces of different kinds. He was a design associate in the same college under the Center for Campus Art. He designed, styled, and co-curated numerous art installations, exhibits and office spaces around the campuses together with many international and local companies, embassies, designers, and artists in the country.

He also works as an Interior designer & stylist at his founding studio, StudioAlmera, and has designed hostels, hotels, and residential projects around the Metro. Aside from working at his own design studio, he is also a Creative Director of the studio's partner brands, Model Space Design Locale and Curoo. Aside from amplifying aesthetic visions for architecture and spaces, Almera is also an educator at his alma mater, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde and SoFA Design Institute.

Now, he achieved another milestone for being the founder, Editor-in-Chief, and Creative Director of ACIIID.

Editor-in-Chief | Creative Director

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