Neolithic Revival: Maison et Objet 2020 Trend Report

Flaunting a comprehensive collection of inspirations and ideas of how one can embellish their home or business yearly, the Maison et Objet trade show has become a reliable source of inspiration for design enthusiasts from around the world. Neolithic is derived from the Greek neos, “new”, and lithos, “stone”, literally meaning “New Stone Age ”. Timeless threads through this modern collection, along with the tangible passion for craftsmanship and the prolific use of unpretentious materials.

Set around the theme “mother earth”, this trend highlights new products inspired by the vital energy and poetic force of nature. Earthly-like, vibrant and totally focused on the absolute beauty of nature and what it can actually do for us in terms of space, arts, decoration and design. A key element of these trends involves natural simplicity  emphasizing the use of organic materials and pieces made with innate imperfections. The Neolithic theme serves as a reminder to find beauty in deformity, its raw surface or texture, and structure that reflect a passage of age and time. 

Overall the ideas come together to form neolithic trends that are not only stunning but innately comforting, that also confidently radiate distinct personal identity. It creates the inviting spaces that excite blissful empathy of a self, guarded from the outside world – a place to rest, unwind the body and spirit, and restore the mind.  What do you think? Feel free to share your comments below!

Trendspotting by: Virneece Ragragio (@Virneece)

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