Saturated in a futuristic atmosphere of neon hues, the Omakase Restaurant is the latest among the experimental undertakings of Shanghai-based design studio, Hip-Pop Architecture. Located in Shanghai’s chic Xuhui district, this Japanese restaurant
embodies an unconventional approach to “Omakase” dining, which literally translates to “I’ll leave it up to you,” or when the chef chooses your dish.

The restaurant design takes on a romantic, Neo-Tokyo interior concept, mainly inspired by Japan’s popular sakura rain. Other cues are taken from traditional Japanese motifs, such as shoji panels and tatami, imbued with a more contemporary spirit. Further emphasizing the concept of old and new, the architecture that houses the restaurant is an adaptive reuse of a timeworn structure within the district.

The interior’s dark ambiance along with its dim illumination creates a sensuous, moody vibe throughout the space. The ground plane features ultramodern tatami-inspired panel flooring, while the layers of translucent sakura and dew partitions simulate an ethereal interpretation of sakura rain, surrounding the diners in a distinctly Japanese-inspired environment. As for furnishings, the clean minimalist lines of the dining tables and chairs complement the overall contemporary leanings of the interiors.

In contrast to the indulgent pink surroundings, the ground floor features a large, minimalist, golden box that houses a stairwell, as well as a low and intimate dining area, a nod to traditional tatami dining rooms. Right beside this golden box is an elongated sushi bar, which is partly sunk into the flooring to give a clear vantage of the chefs’ work. 

Overall, Hip-Pop’s Omakase design offers a fresh direction to Japanese dining, by fusing the charm and familiarity of tradition with the boldness and excitement of futuristic design.

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