MASQUESPACIO design for BRE A THE.’s Bogotá store

It is a match made in tortoiseshell, marble, and mid-century modern; as Spanish design firm Masquespacio lends their creative touch in curating optics brand Breathe’s Bogotá-based store. 

Bogotá-native Ana Hernández headed this first project in Colombia as the studio’s creative director, combining Masquespacio’s unique touch of color with Breathe’s refreshed-retro style collection of sunglasses and frames. What emerged, is a stylish boutique space awash in rich earth green and cool lavender, accented by organic forms to align with Breathe’s central value of creating human-centered products. 

Although slightly veering from the studio’s signature geometries, the free-flowing forms featured in the store’s wall accents, plush purple seating, and playful lighting create a unique mood that breathes new life into the identity of the sunglasses and frames brand. 

Limiting the interior’s color scheme to the combination of green and lavender with accents of gold and silver complements the brand’s varying pastel and metal colored frames in their collection of products. It also creates space for versatility, enabling the store to incorporate a wide range of merchandise. Perforated wall accents act as holders for more modular shelving, allowing for more ease and variation in product display. 

In turn, the project showcases the strengths of Masquespacio, as a firm that was originally founded in the disciplines of both interior design and marketing. Their eye for fresh and innovative spatial concepts that perfectly highlight and align with brands’ unique aims has since designated them an award-winning design firm with work in varying parts of the world. Based in Valencia, Spain, they continue to work on projects in Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Qatar, Italy, France and Colombia. 

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