Mas Creations by Masquespacio

Showcasing their unique independent vision, the award-winning creative consultancy Masquespacio presents their new line, Mas Creations. showing their unique independent vision and special attention to detail.  Masquespacio has always been a creative studio with their personal passion for design, according to Ana Milena Hernandez Palacios and Christophe Penasse.

They have been recognized for their retail designs for almost 10 years in the city of Valencia in Spain, as well as in other countries. In 2010, they founded Masquespacio design studio with the aim of offering something different – something that would translate their desire to innovate in each project.

“We felt for a very long time the need to develop the brand to a more artistic way and keeping the retail projects aside”, says Christophe Penasse, Co-founder of Masquespacio and Mas Creations. A few years ago, they had the idea to release this vision together through the launching of the stool Dr. Workshop. They intended to present Dr. Workshop officially in Milan Design Week in April, along with a set of furniture composed of chairs, sofas, and complementary pieces. “Due to the cancellation of Milan Design Week and the quarantine for more than 2 months in Spain, we decided to focus all our efforts on turning that official release around and creating a universe that mixes digital with photography”, says Ana Hernández, the Creative Director of Masquespacio and Mas Creations.

In this new edition, we got to know the “Too Much”, a rocking chair that mixes up materials, colors, and forms. We can see the mix and match of steel and marble in the creation of the chair. Along with the “Too Much” chair, the “Ball Pot” is an oversized pot made from wood and yellow marble. The “Ball Pot” can even be used without any plants, thanks to its iconic shape. The pieces are highlighted against a modernized retro background, always following the unique fun style of Masquespacio.

The launching goes along with the creation of 3D spaces, inspired by retro interiors and the ’70s from iconic artists. The campaign turns out to be Ana’s dream house, even paying a tribute to Frankenstein’s greatest icons. The whole idea was to use this as an inspiration for these pieces, visualizing their functionality of every space in the house. Through the contrasts of materials and colors, Mas Creations is a clear reflection of Masquespacio’s graphic style – highlighting their ability in bringing the past to the future.

Images from Masquespacio

Edited and Cowritten by Giann Matias

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