Living in A Bubble: Coping through Design and Style according To the Philippine Participants of This Year’s Maison Et Objet Digital Fair

With the year almost over and halfway through the global battle against COVID-19, we are all beginning to get back up on our feet and discovering how we can move forward and adapt to a new paradigm of living. One that involves our lives spent mostly in the safe confines of our homes; a life that is slowly transforming the old notions of homogenous spaces and incorporating more transformative and diverse design techniques that challenges the existing idea and use of form, material, and function.

This year’s Maison Et Objet is a great example of how things are gradually adapting and how design is playing a huge and integral role in shaping up an efficient, bespoke, and ever more creative environment that we can all feel safe in without having to feel the blues and restrictions of isolation and burnout.

Over the years, the Philippines has been promoting and exhibiting Filipino design talents through the show under the supervision and guidance of the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions. Under the leadership of Gabby Lichauco and Rita Nazareno through Kindred Design Collective, thirteen Philippine manufacturers and brands have gathered together to showcase Filipino creativity, techniques and craftsmanship and bring in their own concepts of adapting to the needs and demands of shifting times through the theme “Bubble Living”.

Working around the categories that thrive around the idea of spaces that are creative, personal, sustainable, and habitable, here are some design highlights we can all get inspiration from:

Wood Re-imagined

Wood will always be part of our daily lives. But with the idea of people staying mostly indoors, monotony and repetition will always be one of the causes of a burn-out. When we see the same color or material for a long period of time, we tend to devalue it for what it really is.

Kindred Design Collective presented gallant and contemporary techniques in the use, treatment, design, and function of wood by bringing in the idea of play and imagination through specific objects that can highlight or ignite conversations about a specific corner
or area of a space.

By Albero | Images from Maison-Objet

By JB+, Channali | Images from Maison-Objet

Contemporary Gregorian-Victorian Living

Leisure time and self-care envisioned through wood, leather, metal, and a stark color scheme. This is the main theme presented by P&B Valises in this year’s M&O fair. Whether it be bar counters and shelving or dojo sets and meditation mats, P&B creatively presented the use of leather in various objects and functions that can adapt to any contemporary space.

By P&B Valises | Images from Maison-Objet

Tropical Roots Embraced

Rattan and Bamboo will always be part of the Philippine design language. Continuing the plight to promote the humble yet fluid material as a part of contemporary interior spaces, Finali Furniture and E. Murio Manila excellently showcased rattan as a luxurious and functional material for contemporary furniture, lighting, and sculptural décor.

By Finali Furniture | Images from Maison-Objet

By E. Murio Manila | Images from Maison-Objet

Indigenous Spirit Rising

There are a lot of things that nature can teach us, and this is definitely one of the rising practices in design globally. As we continue to embrace our own traditions and identity, we also discover materials and ways to present them and cater them for the world to see, appreciate, and use.

Indigenous is a brand that focuses on creating interior pieces made out of paper and paper-based products. Utilizing the use of pineapple pulp, bamboo skin, leatherized abaca, paper twine, cogon grass pulp, natural starch among others, the brand continues to showcase tear resistant, durable, and washable home accessories that are not only aesthetically pleasing but sustainable and ethical at the same time.

By Indigenous Manila | Images from Maison-Objet

A Vibrant Casting Call

Following their brand philosophy “360° Sustainability”, Nature’s Legacy is one of the trailblazers of material innovation in this year’s M&O Digital Fair. Utilizing biodegradable and recyclable materials as well as observing the practice of ethical and communal design and functionality, the brand presented vibrant, sleek, and scene stealing home décor pieces made of casted high quality polymer under their product innovation lineups Naturecast®, Nucast®, Marmorcast®, and Stonecast.

By Nature’s Legacy | Images from Maison-Objet

Weaving Colorful Conversations

Colors and Texture make a space; it lifts up our mood, it narrates layers of stories and memories together. Adding life and dimension to the traditional technique of hand-woven abaca and wicker, Weave Manila and Zacarias 1925 presented playful patterns and a colorful lineup of rugs, home décor, and lighting.

By Weave Manila, Zacarias 1925 | Images from Maison-Objet

Light the way

Light affects the way spaces are presented and perceived. The beautiful lineup of lighting pieces by Venzon Lighting celebrates function and art combined. Showcasing the traditional design elements of solihiya and the Philippine capiz shells, the lighting fixtures were designed to fit both classic and modern spaces by combining elements of sculpted aluminum, wood, and hand forged steel.

By Venzon Lighting | Images from Maison-Objet

Nature Wired In

Prado Filipino Artisans continue remind us how much inspiration and lessons we can take in from our surroundings. The rich and intricate patterns and construction of nature is presented through the delicately crafted sculptural pieces made of galvanized iron wires, metal sheets, and wrought iron.

By Prado Filipino Artisans Inc. | Images from Maison-Objet

The Scene Steelers

Presenting a clean, minimal, and contemporary lineup of home products, Zarate Manila continue to promote and present ways to innovate metal and steel as materials of choice. This year’s lineup are designed to withstand the torrential weather change of the outdoors as well as adapt to the aesthetic and functional needs of the indoors.

By Zarate Manila | Images from Maison-Objet

Everyday objects presented extraordinarily – the Philippine delegates of this year’s M&O digital fair is a strong symbol of the rise and future of design and manufacturing in the Philippines and how it is ready to continue to cater and extend to the rest of the world.

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