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The way artists express themselves has revolutionized ever since art and design has permeated the world of virtual technology and production. Many artists/designers opted to significantly redefine art through the use of modern tech, especially in the field of motion art. The endless possibilities that the technology is providing, such as:  flexibility, continuous advancements in software development, openness to human connectivity and interaction, comfort; has enabled virtual artists to shape art into greater directions.  

Many established and emerging creatives are currently playing in the field of motion art. Here is a list of motion graphic artists/designers who are in demand right now:

1. Oscar Pettersson

Oscar Pettersson is a multi-disciplinary creative from Sweden and is currently based in Stockholm. His 3D motion loops are very geometric, clean yet very complex. Soothing and synthesized sounds done by music producers/designers are also often integrated in his videos. 

2. Eena Daou

Nearly twenty years in the field of web and design, Eena Daou has created countless motion graphics that give a different sense of color and vibe. 

3. Edvin Cindrak

Edvin Cindrak is a motion and branding designer based in London. His motion graphic works are usually unorthodox and contemporary in feel; a mix of simplicity and complexity done in elegance. The intensity and direction of the lighting in his works are beautifully done which greatly influences the overall feel of his videos.

4. Msistema

A graphic designer based in Brussels, Msistema’s graphic motions are full of volume and texture making each video seem hyper realistic.    

5. Andreas Wannerstedt

Andreas Wannerstedt is a Stockholm based artist and art director who crafts unique 3D sculptures and mesmerizing looping animations. His works are usually known or described as “oddly satisfying” for their hypnotic and meditative character. 

6. Linus Dahlgren

Linus Dahlgren is motion designer and 3D artist living in Gothenburg, Sweden. His looping animations are created as visual representation of ideas and emotions. 

Cover Photo by Msistema from @msistema Instagram

Peng Dumalaog finished a degree in Industrial Design; he developed his interest on things about interiors - furniture, product and decor. Because of this interest, he decided to do an internship in an interior design firm during his college days that led him to discover his passion in designing objects for the home. Until now, Peng continues to keep this passion by designing home products while doing his regular job as a project manager. It is his desire to live his life with an open window into modern urban life and let the sense of connection connect him to new ideas in interiors, art, fashion and modern industrial design.

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