Learn the ABC’s of Bally

Remember when learning the alphabet was so much more fun because of cute illustrations and toy blocks? Well, Bally recently released a series of letter caricatures interpreted and designed by a distinguished set of artists which include Brooklyn-based illustrator Abbey Lossing, Swiss duo Nina Wehrle and Evelyne Laube of “It’s Raining Elephants,” Baltimore – based George Wylesol, American-born visual artist Bryce Wymer and Dutch cartoonist Lennard Kok.

The initiative aims to honor the unexpected anecdotes and unique tales that have shaped the Swiss luxury house’s brand codes and DNA since 1851 to present day. The Bally A-Z graphic series pays homage to the brand’s spirit of collaboration with renowned artists like Bernard Villemot and Emil Cardinaux – presenting a visual language that’s crafted by five celebrated creatives from around the world.

These new compositional letters go back to basics, highlighting Bally’s commitment to the art of creation, and traces the brand’s heritage, whether a tender origin story between founder Carl Franz Bally and his wife Cecyle, or “C”, to the handmade wonder of the Bally Scribe men’s dress shoe, or “S”, which takes over 240 artisanal techniques to complete.

They illustrate standout themes that characterize the Bally A-Z, including the brand’s deep reverence for nature,alpine environments and its eye for the essential. Signature products also feature, including the iconic Bally Stripe and the newer 1851 Hardware.

We encourage you to download the images – spell out your names or create messages using these letters and tag us!

Photos by Bally

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