JOANA ALMAGRO: Dreams are Handmade

Risky during these times especially when social distancing is a must that a fashion designer decides to hold a physical runway show. This was the case of a Swiss-based Filipina fashion designer named Joana Almagro. Born and raised in Dipolog, Mindanao, Joana is a BS in Nursing degree holder who decided to follow her heart and pursue her dreams for fashion. She went to London, finished a degree at the Manchester School of Art in 2016 and her graduate collection put her in the list of new wave of young international designers. In 2018, Joana moved to Zurich Switzerland where she put up her own label while catering to international clients.

Year 2019 was Joana’s major breakthrough when she received the prestigious Swarovski Loyalty Programme recognition. This paved the way for her recently launched “seasonless” collection which was held in the well-known VolksHaus hall in Zurich. In parternship with MaxFactor, Vidal Sassoon, Sebastian Professional, KETS Make up Agency, Sekken Cosmetics, Prime models and Moonspring, the creative designer sent out an extensive 36-ensemble collection.

With a powerful color palette of royal blue, fuchsia pink, metallics and ivory, Joana’s latest collection was nothing but a variation of glamorous and luxurious silhouettes. With a strong vision in mind, the philosophy of “Vertor Regenerare “ (Reuse Regenerate) allows the brand to tap sustainability and think of the end impact of her clothing. The collection was segmented into three mini-collections – all styled with thigh-high boots, dramatic eye looks and vintage glam Hollywood hairstyles.

The first segment of cocktail dresses was a breath of fresh air: the regal opulence of jewel toned blues in contrast with playful feminine volumes gave nothing but drama on the runway. The second segment showed daytime RTW in pinks and corals, with the eventual incorporation of the “Chutzpah” Sweater. Street style is infused in some of the ensembles with logo sweaters being paired with ruffled skirts and boots.

The third segment was a total showstopper and perhaps the designer’s strength – evening long gown. Layers and layers of metallic fabric glistened on the runway, finishing the collection off with a striking and provocative finale – a breathtaking dreamy wedding gown worn by a male model. Afterall, the brand believes that dreams are indeed, handmade.

Photos by Nick Soland

Full-time architectural designer. Part-time fashion globetrotter. Milan.

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