It is a match made in tortoiseshell, marble, and mid-century modern; as Spanish design firm Masquespacio lends their creative touch in curating optics brand Breathe’s Bogotá-based store.  Bogotá-native Ana Hernández headed this first project in Colombia as the studio’s creative director, combining Masquespacio’s unique touch of color with Breathe’s refreshed-retro style collection of sunglasses and frames. What emerged, is a stylish boutique space awash in rich earth green and cool lavender, accented by organic forms to align with Breathe’s central […]... Read More
With the year almost over and halfway through the global battle against COVID-19, we are all beginning to get back up on our feet and discovering how we can move forward and adapt to a new paradigm of living. One that involves our lives spent mostly in the safe confines of our homes; a life that is slowly transforming the old notions of homogenous spaces and incorporating more transformative and diverse design techniques that challenges the existing idea and use […]... Read More
Virtual reality has always persisted its presence as an essentiality to present life. Now, more than ever, its relevance has shown up unexpectedly to be a defining factor to the time’s shifts and turns. As a result, adaptation and innovation become vital to the restrictions involved. Tantuvi, a hand-woven rug brand, took its latest collection of rugs, Travertine to new heights (literally) and visualised it digitally over rendered environments befitting the inspiration. Colorized graphic rugs casually hang over brick colored […]... Read More
Virtual reality has taken over how we envision our spaces, Swedish furniture brand IKEA is diving head first into this emerging world of virtual spaces. It has made walking around a real size virtual kitchen possible, perfect for those times when you try to figure out if it’ll fit in your house. New ways of visualization and exploration creates an innovative 3D product experience, opening consumer minds and their homes to different doors of possibilities. IKEA VIRTUAL REALITY SHOWROOM Images […]... Read More
Saturated in a futuristic atmosphere of neon hues, the Omakase Restaurant is the latest among the experimental undertakings of Shanghai-based design studio, Hip-Pop Architecture. Located in Shanghai’s chic Xuhui district, this Japanese restaurantembodies an unconventional approach to “Omakase” dining, which literally translates to “I’ll leave it up to you,” or when the chef chooses your dish. The restaurant design takes on a romantic, Neo-Tokyo interior concept, mainly inspired by Japan’s popular sakura rain. Other cues are taken from traditional Japanese […]... Read More
There seems to be an ongoing revolution – a new dimension of innovation in the world of design, education, and life in general. Whilst continuously braving a battle against an unseen opponent, the rest of us are also in a way discovering methods on how to present and perform our daily lives by adapting to the changes that come along with everything happening around us. This includes the way we present and investigate designed objects and art pieces. New York […]... Read More
Showcasing their unique independent vision, the award-winning creative consultancy Masquespacio presents their new line, Mas Creations. showing their unique independent vision and special attention to detail.  Masquespacio has always been a creative studio with their personal passion for design, according to Ana Milena Hernandez Palacios and Christophe Penasse. They have been recognized for their retail designs for almost 10 years in the city of Valencia in Spain, as well as in other countries. In 2010, they founded Masquespacio design studio […]... Read More
You’ve probably heard of Maison Et Objet in Paris or FuoriSalone from Milan and all the gush it brings to architects, interior designers, industrial engineers and even art enthusiasts. If you’re wondering and curious of what these are – it is plain to say that they are simply different versions of Design week. So what is design week? Curated yearly, major cities take turns in celebrating week-long events of local and international takes on upcoming and innovative design trends expressed […]... Read More

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