InShine: Fernando de Ana

GÁG ART GALLERY presents InShine, the exhibition by the Toledo artist Fernando de Ana.

Fernando de Ana has managed to create his universe by reinventing the concept of light. He had explored different art fields, as an award-winning illustrator, creator of cartoons, and an art director for more than a decade. His work has been exhibited in Prague, Bologna, Amsterdam, London, among other cities where he has been selected and awarded in different art competitions.

Away from his comfort zone, Fernando has created his language in which emotions take over the materials. You can see his personality translated into his work and his emotional exploration through life. The sex, loneliness, obsessions, innocence, melancholy, and anxiety are catalysts for his art.

At this exhibition, InShine, Fernando de Ana emphasizes the power of resin, a material that captures the attention of the viewer. Our reflections are captured on his art pieces. You can feel immersed in a seduction game, a fun, serious one. A game in which perhaps, if you dare, you end up discovering things about yourself that you didn’t see before.

This interaction only depends on two: you and your shadow. These paintings serve as a link to the brightest side and the darkest areas of the soul. It makes you take a trip where there are reflections, transparencies, mists, geometric limits, risks. What is essential is not what is there, but what meaning you give it.

Another vital element of Fernando de Ana’s works is neon, which multiplies the resin’s contradictions and ambivalences. An original and new variable that alters the equation, as it also happens in life: colors change whether it is on or off, paradoxes multiply, and confusion must be assumed as part of the whole. Neon is nothing more than a reminder, after all, of your fragility and the passage of time.

To make this whole universe possible, Fernando de Ana appeals to your gaze. It cannot be otherwise. There is no work until you look. There is no light without darkness. And it is not easy: you have to be very brave to see what you are made of.

Copy edited by: Max Panlilio

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