Ha.Mu X Tropik Beatnik’s playful and colorful collection is finally here

Beaming with bright colors and chunky forms, a cartoonish collection has been unwrapped just in time for the holidays. Ha.Mu released a collaboration with wearable art brand Tropik Beatnik, and you’d love to see the quirky collection. Over-the-top is an understatement when it comes to Ha.Mu and Tropik Beatnik. The two brands from the Philippines share their unusual style and larger-than-life pieces.

Image from Ha.Mu X Tropik Beatnik

Ha.Mu is a fashion brand by designer duo Abraham Guardian and Mamuro Oki. Their collaboration with Tropik Beatnik, a brand created by Carla Cruz, became Ha.Mu’s first accessory collection.

“Our inspiration behind this collection was our take on being playful adults.”, says Ha.Mu. as they narrate the creation of the quirky and statement pieces. Cruz also adds, “This collection was months in the making… this was a match made in heaven”, as she explains how it was a challenge but also a joy to craft the pieces of the collection from scratch.

Image from Ha.Mu X Tropik Beatnik

“I have always been a fan of statement earrings… and both Mamu and I would have conversations about how Ha.Mu’s accessories look like if ever given the chance”, Guardian says.

With the collection’s unconventional take on usual accessories, each piece has it own personality. “We worked with the brightest hues, most unexpected color combinations, and unusual silhouettes and in the end I am glad we were able to bring these pieces to life.” says Carla Cruz.

Images from Ha.Mu X Tropik Beatnik

Cruz also adds, “From chunky pearl necklaces with neon clay beads, bead speckled eggs, to oh-so-yummy rings reminiscent of cupcakes and candy, the pieces from this collection scream color and fun, and are designed to be mixed and matched, and just to be played around with!”

Ha.Mu and Beatnik Tropik definitely enjoyed the collaboration, and hopes to share the same energy when we wear the pieces from their collection.

Cover Photo: Ha.Mu X Tropik Beatnik

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