Giordano Torresi FW 20/21

“When technique meets authentic Milanese craftsmanship” perfectly sums up Italian shoe luxury designer’s @giordanotorresi capsule collection for Fall-Winter 2020. The brand launches its first ever Milan Fashion Week presentation at the majestic and historial Verdi Suite at the Hotel et de Milan.

Most notable is the juxtaposition of materials used: patent leather is contrasted with gold hardware while PVC and acrylic heel inserts add lightness to exotic prints. Following the “see-now,buy-now” e-commerce trend, the brand does not only focus on aesthetics but it also ensures comfort as the footwear can be worn for more than 8 hours – that’s an ultimate savior for a woman’s feet!

Gallery Photos by Melo Albert for ACIIID

Cover Photo from Giordano Torresi

Full-time architectural designer. Part-time fashion globetrotter. Milan.

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