Luxury Swiss brand Bally launches a new line of ski and ice sheet-friendly boots. The well -known curling boots that were first created during the 1950’s is in fact the official footwear of the Swiss Olympic team at the Winter Olympics in Cortina d’Ampezzo. To further update these celebrated shoes,... Read More
Aimed to attract real life followers, virtual influencers are similar to their real-life counterparts. Both possess the influence to have an effect on people’s purchasing behavior through their presence and recommendations. The social media presence of virtual influencers opens a window of narratives and story-telling, having no boundaries in the... Read More
Chic. If there is one word that best describes Salvatore Ferragamo’s latest offering for Spring-Summer 2021, it has got to be chic. Set in the historical open-space Rotonda di Via Besana, a late baroque complex of dramatic colonnade portico, fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo launched their newest collection for next season.... Read More

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