Meta Fiesta: Reflections on a New Digital Earth (All-Event VIP Pass and VIP Bundle of 3)


Meta Fiesta: Reflections on a New Digital Earth, seeks the answers to these questions: How do we build the ideas of community, equality, and sustainability within the context of virtuality? In this digital immersive creatives fiesta, ACIIID celebrates the community that moves forward in exploring the possibilities of virtual design.

Set in a surrealistic virtual environment, Meta Fiesta discovers immersiveness, evocative emotions, and experiential learning through a virtual multi-sensorial exhibit, portal-based events, multi-cultural celebrations, and dialogues of what it means to create a culture within the context of what is more than the physical.

*Note: Virtual Swag Bag and Registration Access Details will be provided on February 20, 2021

All-Weekend VIP Pass Inclusions:

Weekend 1:
February 27  |  Vernissage and Multicultural Feast  |  2hrs  |  06:00AM (GMT-4); 06:00PM (GMT+8)
February 27  |  The Virtual Design Manifesto Masterclass  |  2hrs  |  08:00AM (GMT-4); 08:00PM (GMT+8)

Weekend 2:
March 05  | Immersive Experiences: Culture-Making in the Context of Virtuality Panel 1  |  2hrs  |  08:00AM (GMT-4); 08:00PM (GMT+8)
March 06  |  Editorial Images: Creative Manipulations in Surrealistic Environments  |  1.5hrs  |  06:00AM (GMT-4); 06:00PM (GMT+8)
March 06  | Creative Directions on Digital Futures  |  1.5hrs  |  09:00AM (GMT-4); 09:00PM (GMT+8)

Weekend 3:
March 11 |  Immersive Landscapes and the New Reality  |  1.5hrs  |  08:00AM (GMT-4); 08:00PM (GMT+8)
March 12  |  Augmented Reality Experience Workshop  |  2-3hrs  |  08:00AM (GMT-4); 08:00PM (GMT+8)
March 13  |  Data-Driven Art and Design Installations  |  1.5hrs  |  08:00AM (GMT-4); 08:00PM (GMT+8)
March 13 | The New Retail Experience: Luxury in Virtuality  |  1.5hrs  |  10:00AM (GMT-4); 10:00PM (GMT+8)

Weekend 4:
March 20  |  Immersive Experiences: Culture-Making in the Context of Virtuality Panel 2  |  2hrs   |  08:00AM (GMT-4); 08:00PM (GMT+8)
March 20  |   The Virtual Design Manifesto Masterclass Plenary Session  |  2hrs  |  10:00AM (GMT-4); 10:00PM (GMT+8)

Panel-access to all webinar talks, Participation during Vernissage Multicultural feast, Access to event grounds, Access to recorded webinars, VIP Virtual Fiesta Loot Bag, Access to ACIIID Community Network and Virtual Design Community for 1 year, Participation in the Virtual Design Manifesto Masterclass and Plenary Session

*Note: Schedule indicated below are in US Time (GMT-4)


  • All-Event VIP Pass
    February 27, 2021 - March 20, 2021
    8:00 am - 12:00 pm
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