Digitalization: The Future of Fashion

It is no surprise by now that sooner or later, the fashion world will also lean towards the virtual realm during this depressing time of the worldwide pandemic. As spearheaded recently by Milan’s Chamber of Italian Fashion, luxury brands like Prada, Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo staged online runways and presentations during the Milan Digital Fashion Week. Some designers however pushed beyond the limits of plainly filming a runway presentation by tapping advanced technology to convey their artistic visions. Some animations were as real as it got while the others chose the genial android mechanism instead.

Ralph and Russo

Master couturier and Designer Tamara Ralph did not only reveal how breathtaking their latest fall 2020 collection is but also successfully caught our attention by introducing the brand’s latest model. Meet Hauli, an avatar of Swahili descent whose name literally means strength and power. She is the latest face and ambassadress of the brand and is digitally born in South Korea.

The collection is nothing but stellar – every piece being undoubtedly a work of art. Thanks to Huali and the brilliant skills of the fashion house’s digital artists, the collection was brought to life and staged in different parts of the world. Hauli, in various fierce poses and top model stances, was clothed in evening gowns of dramatic silhouettes, abundant layers of tulle, floral appliqués and exquisite beadwork with the Seven Wonders of the World as her background images.


Taking avatar models further to a notch higher, Sunnei’s Simone Rizzo and Loris Messina did not only come up with one but a couple of digital models. Dancing to the funky tune of the 90’s hit Macarena – cool, multi-racial and definitely hip avatars represent the brand to the core. But what is most interesting in the online runway presentation is the color alteration of the collection’s pieces.

Entitled “Canvas”, the designers envisioned their collection as a blank canvas of pre-selected silhouettes and cuts. Dominantly of lean and elongated shapes, the clothes are initially presented in white and eventually switch to different color choices and combinations. This being a new strategy of the brand, consumers are able to decide their color of preference and have their selected garments pre-ordered via e-commerce. This entails sustainability too as it assures that every piece manufactured is directly supplied to the consumer.  

Philipp Plein

Philippe Plein

Using the tagline “Fashion is Dead – The Future is Now”, head designer Philippe Plein presented his latest collection as the model himself. And to film his online version of a fashion presentation, he obviously needed some help. But get this, he is assisted not by his staff but with 2 robotic arms which seemed to capture every outfit change and zoom in on details. More impressively, the robotic arms also double as merchandising props.

True to the brand’s DNA, the collection features excessive athleisure both in street style and formal wear. Studded biker jackets are paired with sweater co-ords; bespoke suiting is complemented with graphic shirts and joggers; boiler suits come with neon lining; and perhaps the piece de resistance of the collection is the rainbow crystal encrusted tracksuit with matching 3d printed sneakers. Bags are heavy on branding and accentuated with chunky matte chains.

Cover Art by Yana Peña Durado

Full-time architectural designer. Part-time fashion globetrotter. Milan.

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