The unprecedented events of 2020 redefined how we play, learn, and work. Events and exhibitions have migrated into the virtual world. Through exploration and design, these types of presentations bring in different bodies of knowledge and experiences together. Pursuing functional and innovative solutions, this digital migration is the New Reality.

The theme for this year’s Dutch Design Week 2020 is “the new intimacy”. The 19th edition explores a new equilibrium amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. These creative explorations allow us to physically and virtually relate to each other, ultimately connecting us with the world around us.


Images from @uncoated_studio

Through breathing exercises, Aiki calms you down by encouraging you to keep up with the toy’s peaceful breathing rhythm. The plush toy ‘breathes’ along with the child, slowly changing its color when it detects anxiety from its user. The design idea aims to bring autonomy back to children by giving them a method of expression, in contrast to medical treatments that are often immensely frightening and stressful. Aiki measures when the child starts to breathe rapidly, also, it can inform practitioners what a child feels when they grasp the plush toy.

The Ikea Virtual Greenhouse by Wang & Söderström

Images from @wangsoderstrom

The Swedish furniture company IKEA developed Virtual Greenhouse to guide home reboots and help in the creation of unique spaces. Our lives at home possess a significant range to encounter our emotional demand, especially in the course of a pandemic. The majority of us now live in urban spaces with minimal access to nature and wildlife, further increasing our desire to bring the natural world into our homes and cities. 

Digital Muses by Giorgio Gasco and Gianmaria Della Ratta

Images from @giorgiogasco

Bedroom culture when defined in sociology is the place where the youth evolve their identities. Gianmaria Della Ratta and Giorgio Gasco created decorative stucco moldings taken from the different chat rooms used by cam girls. Growing up, the meaning of personal spaces advances towards virtual realms or street-based subcultures. Navigated by curiosity, the exploration of these rooms is seen through the eyes of a designer.


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Prosthetic X is an art-driven transformation scheme that investigates how, why, and who gains insight into your health data. The exhibit explores the future where we can tap evidence to show how healthy we are.

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