Designer Review: Patricia Urquiola

Born in Oviedo, Spain and now living in Italy, Patricia Urquiola is a famous interior designer, architect, and product designer. She studied architecture in Madrid and later at the Politecnico di Milano where she earned her doctor’s degree with Italian design legend Achille Castiglione in 1989. In 2001, she opened her studio working on product design, architecture, and installations. Her collaborations with the most important Italian and international design brands are innumerable. Among the most distinguished are Agape, Alessi, B&B Italia, Baccarat, Boffi, Budri, De Padova, Driade, Flos, Gan, Kartell, Kettal, Kvadrat, Louis Vuitton, Molteni, and Moroso.

Urquiola’s work is widely known to be playful and poetic, yet pragmatic and functional, an unparalleled creative combination that concocts the magic behind her work. She comes and goes through the conventional construct of time: rethinking, reinventing, and creating the new. The effect consequently becomes a powerful reminder of the past and an intermediate exploration of the now; giving meaning to the possibilities of the future. Through these, Patricia Urquiola generates new experiences for users and consumers that continually enquires and experiments, creating products, interiors, and architecture that foist thought and originality. “In everything I do, I begin with memory, but I rethink it in a new way” – Patricia Urquiola

Camila Yaryura

Camila Yaryura is a warm-blooded architect and interior designer. She is currently undergoing a master's degree course in interior design at Istituto Marangoni, Milan. She has a way of telling stories through her designs and alluring the users to live their own vivid experiences as they embrace the products personality and energy. She is an active explorer, a promoter of the avant-garde, finding the newest trends that spark her inspiration in the conceptual process of creating special places.

Jegs Santos is an engineer by profession whose wide interest in fashion, interiors, and design lead him to take a detour in life to follow his passion. He is currently an interior design student at the Philippine School of Interior Design, juggling it with work, both as a freelancer and a Senior editor for ACIIID. Outside work, you’ll find him out and about, looking for inspiration, nourishing his knowledge and conceiving fresh new ideas to inject into his work. Clearly, his life is fueled by his job.

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