Designer Review: Bethan Laura Wood

One of the most colorful designers on our Women’s Month list is Bethan Laura Wood. Wood is an award-winning multidisciplinary designer from the UK and has an outstanding educational background. She graduated with honors at the University of Brighton and got her Master’s degree on Product design ar the Royal College of Art 

Image by Perrier-Jouët

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Perrier-Jouët, Daniel Lodice, CC Tapis

Her innately bold and extraordinary style is one of her signature trademarks. From her choices of eccentric & colorful multi-layered outfits and accessories to her fun and avant-garde makeup, she definitely exudes originality. She overlays patterns and tones in a distinctive polychromatic manner, based on experiments with color without complexes, adding a touch of beautiful British eccentricity.

“Bethan’s practice is incredibly innovative because she combines traditional techniques like marquetry with contemporary materials,” says Nilufar’s Nina Yashar. Her style says it all, and it transcend primarily in her quirky creations. One of our favorites, HyperNature, is one prime example of innovative design that developed a whole new language. She developed and designed it to be an art an piece for a special performance and is something very sculptural that can trave. For her, the use of an object is as important as sustainability. “I like to do works conceptualized as art, but whose design also has a utility” – Bethan Laura Wood, Art and Architecture interview. She makes a critical approach to achieving sustainability in a context of mass consumption.

Photo credits (from left to right)
Angus Mills, Valextra, Angus Mills

She has shown her own point of view on a rich complex and innovative way through industrial design such as furniture, lamps, textiles, sculptures, installations, accessories, set design, scenographies, and more. Bethan Laura Wood is one marvelous designer and the world should get to know her and her astounding work. 

Photo credits (from left to right)
Rosenthal, Ruy- Teixeria, Moroso

Written by: Astrid Diaz
Edited by: Alan Garcia and PJ Almera

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