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Cyril Lancelin’s name brings to mind fanciful images of intertwining pink flamingos, labyrinths of giant vegetables, and floating spheres of chrome. A French artist based in Lyon, France, Lancelin creates complex sculptures in both real and fictional spaces with a simple vocabulary of primitive shapes and volumes. “It is important for me that the process of construction of an artwork is easy to understand and to represent,” says the artist.

It is important for me that the process of construction of an artwork is easy to understand and to represent.

– Cyril Lancelin

Combining art and technology, he creates the most fascinating installations where the line is blurred between fiction and reality. The starting point of his design process is on the computer using 3D software and parametric tools. Inspired by Japanese architects who develop strong concepts based on simple rules, he uses parametric design to establish his own rules of logic and create his imaginary spaces. He also insists on using a repetition of modules in order to easily adapt his ideas into different scales, as the right scale to him is one of the most important aspects of any artwork. His designs are greatly influenced by connecting with digital artists on Instagram, visiting art exhibitions in museums, and following art blogs that offer visibility not only of famous artists, but also new ones.

For Lancelin, virtual design is not a lesser expression compared to built design, but of equal importance. He believes that as soon as an idea is articulated virtually, the project already exists, despite limitations in the actual construction. “For my first solo show, in an art gallery in Paris, I remember some visitors were asking me if it was painting or photography. I answered 3D rendering and it seemed that they didn’t like this answer. Kind of funny, that contemporary art couldn’t be 3D rendering!” recounts Lancelin. With this mentality, he is presently working on some very exciting augmented reality projects, as well as 3D printed sculptures available in limited edition.

As if stumbling into a delightful daydream, Lancelin’s immersive real-world installations and virtual renderings compel us into questioning reality and our own relationship with the physical environment. Which of his creations do you imagine yourself visiting?

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