Designer Feature: Nelson de Araujo

Nelson de Araujo’s practice is driven by passion for travel and cultural exploration. The Portuguese raised, Italian trained designer seeks inspiration in nature, photography and in cultural diversity through the cities he travels to and applies into his projects. He defines his design mantra by two words – minimalism and balance. As a multi-disciplinary designer, he always aims to focus on the details and applies his mantra throughout his work whether it is in product design or in his 3D visualizations.

Nelson took us through the steps of his design process. He approaches his projects in a methodological way and always begins one by creating the core concept. Then he solidifies his research. To him, this step is one of the most important in the design process and he never neglects it. After building his foundation, he starts creating the mood which translates the energy he wants to transpire in his designs and moves into execution of his ideas. He uses different 3D programs specific to their requirements. He has a different one to create furniture pieces, to create fabrics and to design 3D environments.

One of his greatest influences in design is the famous German industrial designer, Dieter Rams. He is known for his principle “less, but better”, which had a major influence on Nelson’s design process. His other great influences in his creative process are Sixnfive Studio, Mir Studio, Alexis Christodoulou and the photographer Fernando Guerra.

“I think trends shouldn’t dictate the designer’s creativity. However, I believe the latest trend – utopian scenarios – is here to stay. Especially after the difficult times we are facing due to Coronavirus, every artist and designer tries to recreate the ideal space, evoking every positive energy and desires to be in that imaginary place.” Nelson says. His creations evoke a sense of utopia that has a sense of whimsy yet timelessness into the environment. He tends to mix in soft organic lines with natural elements and strong forms to juxtapose one another and create that balanced minimalist environment with his signature aesthetic.

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