Designer Feature: JJ Valderrama

JJ Valderrama is a Manila-based Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Interior Designer, who worked for several multidisciplinary offices such as Edwin D. Uy Design Office, Status Magazine, Unbreakable Apparel, and Styles Entertainment/ Embassy Superclub. His multifaceted career gave him a chance to explore the different spectrums of Digital visualization and design.

 As a graphic designer and a licensed Interior Designer, JJ has found a sweet spot to combine his passion and expertise in the highly competitive design industry in the Philippines. He can also be considered as one of the few designers in the country that successfully explored virtual design as a niche and part of the design process. 

He describes his style as minimalist, but he delves into deep concepts and intricate details depending on the scale or scope of the project. The ability to convey a message into the simplest and cohesive manner is a skill that not all designers possess, but JJ challenges himself to always deliver simple, easy to understand, and fun graphics.  

For his graphics, JJ uses Adobe programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. He also uses Sketchup and Vray for his 3d visualizations. JJ gets his inspirations and current trends for graphics in Behance; Yellowtrace for space and interiors; and also everyday objects from day to day life. He is greatly influenced by Futura’s ( work on how they create playful solutions for brands and Brandworks ( as inspiration for environmental graphics. 

Adding Virtual design further enhances a visual experience, creating surreal and imaginative environments that can’t be achieved thru traditional means.

-JJ Valderrama

With Aciiid’s short interview with JJ Valderrama, he shared some interesting insights on the present and future contributions of virtual design. In this modern age where technology provides people with more access to the digital world, a lot are expecting vast expanse of visuals from hyper-realistic to surrealistic. JJ Valderrama sees this as an opportunity to reach a higher level of experience by adding virtual design to enhance people’s visual experience.  

In the coming years, JJ also foresees the emergence of Augmented Reality that will redefine the experience of people on digital art. The added interaction is something that digital art hasn’t explored much in the past but he believes that the connection between the art and the people would bring a different flavor to the world of virtual design.

Photos from JJ Valderrama’s Behance

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