Color Trend 2020: PINK PARTY

Pink is back in the glamlight and this time it’s bolder, brighter, and more diverse. A few years back we were inspired by the coral tones from Pantone’s 2019 color of the year. The application of this pinkish-orange blend worked perfectly for Gen X and Z’s aesthetic while tapping into innovation of color in design.

With the release of the current 2020 Pantone color of the year, Classic Blue, a lot of people got easily bored with the hue and were expecting for a reinvention for this year’s color trends. Now, with Fashion week coming to an end, a new color has resurfaced, and yes, it’s PINK! Resembling nostalgia from the 60s to the 90s, pink was a an iconic color for EVE-olution (a trend terminology for women empowerment), and Down Aging (a trend terminology for nostalgic embodiment of our carefree childhood). It was always recognized as somewhat femme, dainty, and girly. Due to cultural adaptation, it has transcended into different tribes and entities in the design world especially for breaking the gender norms for Menswear with the influence of celebrities and model influencers like Harry Styles & Marc Forne. Interiors are also used as a bold staple piece just like Versace Home & Houtique.

For Gen Zers, it will be a total embodiment of the nostalgic trend, which maybe both a downfall when it comes to their originality in style, and an upgrade from the neutrality from the previous years. Are you on board with the Pink trend? Will you be getting back that 90s anime colored shirt and pink barbie glasses? We are curious to know your thoughts on this one, tell us in the comments section!

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