Civilian Wear: A union between fashion and sustainability.

The fashion industry in recent years has undergone many changes and has had to rethink and reevaluate many of the previously accustomed concepts and methodologies it was used to. Designers from all over the world have changed their way of designing and production in favor of contributing to a more sustainable future. Currently the fashion industry has a very high water footprint. Textile companies use around 93,000 million cubic meters of water annually, that is, the equivalent of 37 million Olympic swimming pools.

JC Lagares through its “Civilizan Wear” collection committed to the water security of Greater Santo Domingo through a strategic alliance with the Agua Santo Domingo Fund, a non-profit entity whose main function is to restore and conserve the ecosystems of the hydrographic basins in the Ozama, Nizao and Haina rivers that supply the city of Santo Domingo.

This entity is a member of the Latin American Fund Alliance and seeks the investment of financial resources to return the ecosystems that produce water to its natural state. Water funds are financial, governance and management mechanisms that integrate the relevant stakeholders of a basin to promote the water security of metropolitan areas through conservation actions.

The collection is intended for people who work and want to look comfortable and elegant at the same time. It can also be used for casual outings on weekends. These designs were designed for the new normal and everyday life in a timeless way, contributing to “slow fashion” and reducing fashion’s water footprint.

This collection markets itself as an essential in our closets, ideal in this time of high temperatures and viral threats. The fabrics were chosen in a combination of 100% breathable cotton, as well as other twill fabrics with anhygroscopic characteristics offering comfort, longevity and easy ironing. The collection has a timeless color palette inspired by neutrality with a seasonal touch that does not lose freshness and attractiveness. 

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