Casa Decor Review: Surfing Through Sustainable Design

2020 marks the 55th edition of Casa Decor in Madrid, held inside the beautiful and historic Velázquez 21 building. This stunning Architectural landmark was designed by José Espelíus Anduaga and was built from 1904 to 1907, a perfect venue for the design exposition.

As we face the environmental problems of the world, this event showcases the importance of interacting with aesthetical, functional, healthy, and sustainable spaces. They have launched the campaign #CasaDecorSostenible, which aims to create collective awareness on all spectrum of sustainability; conceptualization of the space, the choice of materials, optimization of resources, energy, and waste disposal management.

For Lorna de Santos Studio the sustainability is the return to the craftsmanship and workshops of their country by showcasing elegant earthy spaces using recyclables materials. 

Formica and Wanna brought the conversation about light pollution by creating their interpretation of glamping on the moon to observe eighty-eight constellations through their work called Horizonte 88. The project features the idea of how light passes on the cities where the view of the stars and space cannot anymore be appreciated.

Niessen and Mayice Studio make us breathe in light and space, creating an installation inspired by a contemporary reinterpretation of Versailles where all materials and items will be reused, promoting waste recovery.

Deves|a|genjo Interiorismo made a warm, sensitive proposal that had achieved a lower carbon footprint in transport, based on crafts and the national product, using a superb combination of materials: natural fibers, wood, sintered stone, ceramics, and glass mosaic.

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