CASA DECOR 2020: Patricia Bustos Studio

“Metanoia” is a space designed by the Spanish interior designer Patricia Bustos for the German faucet firm, Hansgrohe, in the 55th edition of Casa Decor Madrid. “Metanoia” is a Greek word that means a “rebirth”, a road to a utopian world where the inner peace and connection with the environment are the true path of conversion.

The purpose of Metanoia is to create a temple for the body. A refuge to dream and relax with the universe as the central axis of the space. It is inspired by nature and water where the silence of the space symbolizes life and reconciles us with the environment to recover our true essence – a cave where the noise, smoke, distortion of modern life aren’t present. “Silence, nature, calm, truth, transcendence are values that represent and connect this new concept of “cave”.

Metanoia welcomes the user with stairs that provide a feeling of uplift, as if one was reaching the sky as a blanket of rain falls in a unique washing manner. This new Rainfinity shower concept by Hansgrohe is a water-saving system thanks to the “Ecosmart” flow reduction system.

Photos by JC De Marcos

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