CASA DECOR 2020: VgLiving

The Berries Club, is Virginia Gasch’s interpretation of a sophisticated dresser, for Casa Decor 2020. It’s a tribute to the women of the Jazz age such as Coco Chanel, Charlotte Perriand, Zelda Fitzgerald, Josephine Baker, and Clara Bow who redefined the era and added color to the society and culture.

A mix of Art Deco with a splash of Art Nouveau style filled the room. Virginia Gasch rebelled to the usual stark and very elegant Art deco style by filling up space with eclectic patterning and layering. She created layers on the wall by having Arches with floral patterns and pastel colors. Velvet, damask, and brocade patterns decorated the furniture, while she covered the floor with mosaic tiles patterned in typical art deco geometry. Also, as part of the Casa Décor campaign for sustainability, all of the materials, décor, and furniture used in the exhibit will be reused.

Photos by Casa Decor

To top off the design is a neon sign of the word #desobidiente or disobedient in English, is placed on the main wall arch, summarizing the radical and rebellious movement of the 1920s that changed the course of society, gender and culture; and a resurgence of art deco style in design, signaling the arrival of fresh and radical designs to come.

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