CASA DECOR 2020: Nuria Alía Studio

Mixology: Agitar, remover, mezclar, meaning Mixology: Stir, remove, mix, was the central theme Nuria Alía worked around for Casa Decor 2020. The space she created was an extraordinary kaleidoscope design that utilized a mixture of materials and colors throughout, unifying and emphasizing the elements of the space creating “Gesamtkunstwerk” (a total work of art). Greeted immediately by decorative fluted walls, the space boasted a vibrant bar that was iridescent, bold, and fun.

Nuria managed to combine two highly contrasting styles perfectly, the Art Deco and the emphatic Bauhaus movement, fusing them coherently by incorporating details that presented an aesthetically pleasing space that was exciting and full of personality.

Contemporary deconstructivist arches enveloped the space exquisitely, decorated with beautifully colored tiles that mirrored the rainbow mosaic flooring. Furniture pieces were wrapped in lush velvet fabric accented by different metal finishes that completed the whole ambiance of the exhibit.

The commitment to the environment also was a factor in this project. Nuria was cautious to use natural pigment lacquers for painting and Hisbalit’s ecological multicolored palette glass mosaics to decorate the space without sacrificing aesthetic and style.

Photos by Casa Decor

Mixology was a demonstration of sustainability, innovativeness, and the avant-garde. Attention to detail and conscious choices, these were the main factors that Nuria harmoniously integrated to fully realize a space that “mixed” style and awareness that resonated to the audience and aided the environment.

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