CASA DECOR 2020: Mayice Studio

Mayice Studio led by the architects Imanol Calderón and Marta Alonso, is dedicated to the design of products and architecture. Under a minimalist concept, they have a design process that starts from the investigation and conceptualization, taking the needs of the client or brand to turn it into opportunities, up to the experimentation and result phase where a little uncertainty is allowed when dealing with forms and materials, creating unique products that evoke people’s emotions.

“Our creation and development processes are the same in spaces as in objects, we try to make them thrill.”

They express that the most difficult part is the beginning of each project where they must collect the information, analyze the needs, conceptualize the idea and remain faithful until the final process of execution. Reflecting emotion and maintaining a close connection with the person, brand or body is an essential part for architects.

For the creation of the “Games room” space at Casa Decor 2020, they were based on the proposal for sustainable digitization of the Niessen brand through the use of materials like glass, wood and fabrics, the manipulation of shapes and colors so that the light could make a journey and create a transition throughout the space. All this could be easily controlled by touch. In the center of the space, a directed control table shows us how digitalization is our greatest ally in managing our electricity consumption.

A minimalist proposal, very much in line with the brand’s philosophy and the study carried out in the renowned Velázquez 21 building, a protected historic bourgeois-style palace, with high ceilings and light entering from the north, where technology and crafts converge. A proposal that respects materials, taking them to their essence with a new perspective. Each material applied will be reutilized, the pieces of wood unused will be converted into sawdust to complete its cycle of use and return to nature.

For the Studio, the future points towards sustainable spaces. This is not necessarily in a material reuse approach, but rather in the durability and quality of the objects. When intervening in a space, the firm tries not to modify it in its entirety and thus reduces the amount of waste that  remodeling causes and contributes to not produce waste constantly. Mayice Studio is committed to a respectful and honest future with the environment where architecture, more than walls, floors and ceilings, creates spaces of experiences that connect all the senses.

Photos Courtesy of Mayice Studio

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