CASA DECOR 2020: Masquespacio

“Look to the Future from the Past” is a 25 square meter space made by Masquespacio to create a fabulous exhibit showcasing Roca Tile in Casa Decor 2020, to pay tribute to the versatility of ceramics in the world of interior design and decoration.

Ana Milena and Christophe Penasse designed the space inspired by the Greco-Roman Architecture as an exploration of adapting ceramics for furniture, furnishing, and even in the minute detail for decorating, creating a juxtaposition to the typical application of ceramics to the floors and walls.

This is also an opportunity to showcase the ease and benefits that Roca Tile can give by showing how it can customize, as seen with the crisp white and elegant blue porcelain tiles, recreated to look like natural marble, used on the walls and floors. To complete the look, this year’s Classic blue color palette paired with gold bases or trimmings are added to give a surrealistic narrative as a counterpoint to the classic interiors.

All of these combined, result in a surreal and highly modern space that invites us to set our imaginations free, without the limitation of technology, resources, and without compromising the pursuit of sustainability.

According to the designers, the new Roca Tile collections on exhibit at Casa Decor arise from an exclusive study of trends, with the development of exceptionally bright marbles, solid-coloured pieces, patterns, meshes and tiles that represent endless decorative possibilities, to project a coherent aesthetic upon integrated spaces and offer unique environments.

The environment is a stage and exhibition, for its dreamlike atmosphere and its artistic taste, gathered from a multitude of textures, formats, colours and finishes that change the rules of the game in the use of ceramics as a sign of inspiration for interior design projects and interior architecture.

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Photography by Paula Caballero

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