CASA DECOR 2020: Javiescobar Interiorismo

“Mediterranean vibes” was Javier Escobar’s theme for Casa Decor 2020. Inspired by the warmth and harmony of the Mediterranean, the space he created breathed luxury, purity, and elegance with a lot of personality, clearly representing his distinctive style.

The abundant use of materials such as stone and marble on the walls, floors, and some fixtures in the exhibit was a homage to the value of craftsmanship, and the return of man to the natural.The delicate incorporation of plants onto lighting created an unexpected and clever touch to the space that also gave a reminiscent feeling of nature and humanity. Fine details like the geometric bas-relief mural inspired by the Greeks, as well as the use of pure and linear shapes, mixed with contemporary curved shapes were also glorifications of man and nature.

One of the focal points of the space is the design of the ceiling by artist Valls Fortuny. The ceiling was decorated with a beautiful luminous abstraction of the Mediterranean Sea using mixed media on canvas. It was a beautiful contrast to the muted palette of the space that brought about the essence of artistry and nature, still keeping within the central theme of the exhibit.

Photos by Casa Decor

Javier Escobar showed a dreamy and relaxing space that really revolved around the concept and idea of sustainability. By going back to nature and the importance of craftsmanship, he imparted the values of quality and longevity onto his audience while still maintaining the desire for functionality and elegance. His Mediterranean inspired bathroom was a literal escape from the world we live in now and transported us to a future centered around nature and humankind.

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