CASA DECOR 2020: Gärna Studio & Gäg Art Gallery

Narcissus is known by the contemporary world as the origin of the word narcissism, but Laura Garna and Enrique Garcia of Garna Studio & Gallery wanted to take it in a different light. The myth of Narcissus became the team’s inspiration for creating their contemporary art gallery for Casa Decor 2020. Other than the tragic end to the mythology, Narcissus is first and foremost known for his beauty. The myth’s take on beauty and how the story revolved around it is what the team wants to explore as a concept for creating a dialogue in the art gallery.

The space is filled with neon lights, Quartzite, white macaubas marble, resin, pastel colors, and paraments lined with blue color. These materials with different levels of reflectivity became part of the whole narrative, like an installation akin to both fragmented and infinite mirrors deconstructing narcissus’s reflection. At the end of the wall is the torn bust of Narcissus, giving an underlying message to what vanity and narcissism would do to a person.

Sustainability is also a concept of the gallery. It is the principal theme for Casa Decor 2020 but unlike other studios, Garna Studio & Gallery opted to go for less carbon footprint. They mixed natural materials with recycled claddings such as plastics and resins that cover the whole space.

The team promotes the idea where sophistication is not at odds with the environment. They believe that these two should go hand in hand. Liken to art where the medium does not dictate the beauty of the outcome, but it’s the skill and the curation that gives beauty to it. 

Photos by @andresarranz@lupeclementefotografia

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