CASA DECOR 2020: Deves|a|genjo

Ane Devesa and Jose Agenjo proposed a welcoming space on neutral tones with a synthesis of natural materials, tracing the path towards a luxurious, and sustainable design for Casa Decor 2020 in Madrid.

What is the “New Luxury” today? How do you tread on the line of sustainability without sacrificing aesthetically pleasing results and sophisticated environments? These are the themes faced by Casa Decor 2020 in Madrid. In a world where environmental issues (rise at an alarming rate) become crucial, the event aims to launch sustainable home projects that do not compromise sophistication.

Deves|a|genjo Interiorism presents “Soft & Raw”, a space entirely focused on the use of sustainable materials and skillful craftsmanship. Located on the ground floor of the historic Velasquez 21 building, the space is composed of two areas that greet visitors with a warm welcome through the use of wooden products, textiles, and natural fibers. It is a raw and refined space that champions the return of valuable craftsmanship and handmade products. 

Keeping in line with its concept of “welcoming spaces”, the natural calmness brought by the materiality and surfaces crosses the refinement of rediscovered aesthetic taste. Light tones and quiet contrasts hold a common thread that harmonizes all the elements within the space.

  “We defined it as the new luxury, warm and welcoming”

– Deves|a|genjo

Originality comes from a mindful combination of materials. The flooring is no exception to this cautious selection. Made with sintered stone laid out in an articulated geometric design the floors redefine the classic herringbone floor, that combines a rhombus design.

Three classical arches close the front elevation that creates an illusionary metaphysical space. A  mural is plastered behind these arches, depicting a luxuriant nature scene that introduced nuances of bold green in the space. Continuing this theme, a geometric shaped chandelier hangs below the white brightly lit recessed ceiling, that cleverly recalls large stylized leaves. 

In the center of the room, a simple circular table preciously stands, made with a sintered stone top recalls quartzite and a stylized geometric brass skeleton, that manifests the concept of simplicity of shape. Natural ceramic vases decorate the table, housing flowers and leaves that mimic the same tones of the whole setting.

Curved shapes of the furniture and the wooden back stool set the perfect background for the space. The two side walls complement these pieces by highlighting them through opaque tones and materials. Characterized by small mosaic tiles in clear glass, the walls seemingly vanish, giving emphasis to the objects within the  environment.

On one side of the space, wood material frames the grafted wall bookcase where magazines are neatly displayed in rows. Along the opposite wall, mosaic tiles were used to fill up its vastness, creating a glossy surface that seamlessly merges with the textured roughness of fiber wall lamps. This in turn profits a glossy-opaque contrast.

Rough concrete blocks act as screens to define the two different environments of the exhibit. The Comfort and relaxation division is marked by the soft green tone of mosaic tiles, combined with the imperfection of the ceramic. A soft organically-shaped rattan armchair dominates this scene. A botijo ​​that acts as lighting and a playful reference to handmade ceramics is placed alongside the chair to continue the space’s welcoming aesthetic. Natural fiber curtains with naturalistic and geometric motifs added more warmth to the welcoming ambiance.

The craftsmanship and the return to nature are the guidelines for this welcoming and delicate environment. It outlines the new strategy for a luxury design that promotes sustainability.

Ane Devesa and Jose Agenjo present the new path of luxury with their interiors,  demonstrating that research on interiors and product design cannot be increased without being Sustainable. 

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Photos Cortesy of Deves|a|genjo

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