Break your boredom with LEGO

Most of you may find yourself being adhered to routines or daily cycles in life. It is true for humans to form routines or habits that we think will keep us sane and comfortable; these are mostly based on our individual preferences, but external factors will greatly affect and sometimes trigger a change in perspective.

As we live our lives in this period of “staying at home”; most people operate in life through reading, listening to music, indoor home workouts, watching series, etc. We may consider these activities as “normal” but sometimes, we must impart ourselves into things that are freer and spontaneous; to let our imagination run free and rekindle that child whose imagination is limitless and is capable to build things that are out of the ordinary. Why not search through your old cabinets and find the LEGO bricks that once defined your childhood and gave you the spark of inspiration to continue building creative stuff in the future.

More than 85 years after its founding, LEGO remains to be one of the benchmarks for fun, play, and creativity. The brand is not afraid to experiment and engage themselves with new styles and technology. From the simple shape of bricks to LEGO architecture and LEGO mini-figures, the list goes on for products that always spark the imagination. With its simple yet unique form, LEGO has made a system of play that is very remarkable. The plastic bricks that come in different forms encouraged more open-ended creativity and exploration; an attribute that made the product and brand continue to last for generations.

Elsewhere, LEGO has collaborated with French designer Camille Walala to create a life-sized toy house to promote their latest product: LEGO DOTS. Unlike the classic LEGO bricks, LEGO DOTS features flat, 2D-esque tiles in different colors and geometric shapes, which can be combined into an array of patterns and used to adorn surfaces. This new and inventive kind of product will bring joy to those who are looking for a more personalized and funky form of play.

We challenge you to break beyond your usual routine and inject something unique and fun. Sometimes, all you need to do is to fuel that imagination and let creativity in the form of play completely change your day.

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From Facebook page of LEGO, Camille Walala, and Design Museum

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