Bally: When Nature Meets Craftsmanship

For Spring-Summer 2021, famous Swiss brand Bally presented “Elemental Balance” – a collection inspired by natural materials mixed with trademark craftsmanship and detailing. Showcased digitally for the first time, the collection is presented through a film entitled DayDream. The highly cinematic film encapsulates what the luxury brand has to offer for next season: micro-woven leathers, raw raffias and finely interlaced straw commingle all reinforced with the time-honed hand techniques.

Leather remains as core textile even for ready-to-wear pieces.  A little leather black dress with intricate waist ruching detail stands out in the collection. Light knitwear and sensual silk ensembles rather balance out the structured leather jackets that the fashion brand is known for.

Accessories touch-base with earthy materials: sandals feature ankle wrap-around leather fringes, micro-woven western cowboy boots and wooden clogs for that back-to-basics look. A new B(ally) chain logo enclosure serves as decorative embellishment to footwear too.

A latticeworked doctor’s bag reflects the whole collection’s mood while canvas bucket and tote bags contrasted with tan leather details bring in the spring-summer vibe. The B- Chain is re-imagined across applications, embossed on leather clutches, or as a patterned cotton jacquard, and stands out with the Saddle bag.

Photos from Bally

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