Bally FW 20/21

Bally introduces its Autumn/Winter 2020 collection through the sensory art of performance, Kaleidoscope; an immersive installation enhancing the seasonal message through subtle choreography, combining movement, film and sound to explore different perspectives, through the ever-changing synthesis of natural elements.
Featuring the new season collection, entitled Purity of Form; clean lines, organic materials and neutral tones reflect Bally’s long-standing respect for the environment and passion for design innovation, fusing Swiss heritage with a modern outlook. Soft shapes and sculptural silhouettes express the integrity and multitude of form.

Sartorial casual and empowered, the BALLY woman is radiant and spirited. Her style is understated; luxurious layering that’s elegant and easy. On the other hand, the BALLY man, with a sense of purpose, seeks to explore. His contemporary style is equally at home in the city or in nature.

Photos from Bally

Full-time architectural designer. Part-time fashion globetrotter. Milan.

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