Virtual Designer Feature: Alexis Christodoulou

Black cascading rocks overflowing into windows, spectacular pools surrounded by man-made monolithic structures, and iconic chairs imagined inside incredibly depictive interiors, these are some of Alexis Christodoulou’s works that welcome us into another world of visual architectural imagery – emphasizing its power, influence, and spirit.

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Alexis is a self-taught 3D artist who dove into visual design because of his keen interest in the digital world and 3D graphics, which started when he was still a boy. His frustration over insufficient modern structures represented within the digital context, blossomed into a creative outlet that produced images of contemporary spaces that reflected his aesthetic and visions as an artist. Inspired by the multiple facets of life, Alexis draws inspiration from various sources like his hometown, modern architecture, photography, film, and many more to produce his art.

How he conceptualizes his works always lean into an open narrative. The landscape he creates, the structures he produces, and the objects he incorporates into his images, are loose stories left to be interpreted by his audience. This creates interest and reason to be transported into the environments he generates, devoid of human life, that takes you into a journey told only through nature, edifices, and objects that are strategically assembled to capture the imagination. 

Overall, the calming and monumental sceneries Alexis digitally constructs will definitely enthral you to stop by and bathe in the pools, relax by the desert, or dine in the snow, whichever satisfies your flights of fancy. 

Edited by Maxine Panlilio @maxpanlilio

Photos from Alexis Christodoulou

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