Apps To Help You Kill That Quarantine Boredom

Have you finally run out of Netflix shows to binge watch on? Or is cabin fever starting to kick in? Well, say no more! Our team here in Aciiid has rounded up lifestyle apps to feed your mind, body and belly to help you flatten that Covid-19 curve by keeping productive and entertained at home.

Happy app hunting! We’d love to hear how you are spending your self-quarantine time, comment below!

Layout by Gosh Mangampat

Ro So is a creative based in Milan whose work spans interiors, furniture and objects. She is fuelled by her curiosity of her surroundings and believes that design is a lifestyle, whether she is designing, or just discovering spaces and experiences. Trained as an Interior Designer, her eye for good design comes second nature to her; she spends a lot of her time immersed in the design scene scoping out what’s new while sipping away that espresso.

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