A Whole New World: Tantuvi’s Virtual Rug Showroom

Virtual reality has always persisted its presence as an essentiality to present life. Now, more than ever, its relevance has shown up unexpectedly to be a defining factor to the time’s shifts and turns. As a result, adaptation and innovation become vital to the restrictions involved. Tantuvi, a hand-woven rug brand, took its latest collection of rugs, Travertine to new heights (literally) and visualised it digitally over rendered environments befitting the inspiration. Colorized graphic rugs casually hang over brick colored adobe structures and stairs set in a lush desert that emphasise and illuminate the intensity of the designs and hues. Minute details are intricately rendered and incorporated to impose a realistic setting, that even the finest warps and wefts can be zoomed into. The clever presentation engages spectators to travel in their virtual environment, decorated dynamically with the brand’s rugs. 

Photos from tantuvistudio.com

Renderings by Charlotte Taylor and Victor Rousell

Tantuvi duo, Arati Rao and Adam Sipe, were inspired by the natural structure and shades that permeate from sandstones that they have excitingly seen during their business trips to the Tahr desert in India. All of the colors that were curated in creating the rugs were recollected from the organic movement and transitions of the various tints that occur within the layers of stones. Lush citrus yellows, muted dusty blues, amplified maroons, mossy marine greens, and soft pinks beautifully stand out against the undulating design of the rugs, “excavating” a notion of texture, structure, and shape that capture the inconsistencies and terrains of the Earth. The rugs were emblematic to the brand’s ethos of craftsmanship, ingenuity, and authenticity of hand-weaving in India. In its essence, Tantuvi’s Travertine collection rediscovers the beauty to imperfections and the allure of nature, and their innovative take on this virtual showroom and presentation is a testament to the creativity that can transpire from the intimate and defiant moments of life. Showing that with persistence and optimism, even the inevitable circumstances can be re-viewed in a different perspective, a better light, or in this case a “whole new world”. 

Photo from tantuvistudio.com

Cover photo from tantuvistudio.com

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