A tribute to the late Zaha Hadid

ACIIID commemorates one of the world’s greatest architects; The Queen of the Curve, Zaha Hadid. Today, we celebrate her being–as an empowered woman; and her legacy–in the academic and professional practice of architecture. Having been the first woman recipient of the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize, she has greatly inspired women in architecture around the world to courageously explore and pursue academia and design. Beyond her prowess in contemporary avante-garde architecture, she is also very much followed for her fashion line, among other creative endeavors.

Illustration by Jer Dee for ACIIID

At such a young age and having been born to a wealthy family, she had been exposed as a matter of circumstance, to various cultures as her father’s diplomatic posts to a number of cities and countries rolled out. She knew early on that she was meant to become a professional–she just had it in her and as she grew up, she absorbed everything like a sponge–embracing every learning opportunity that came her way.

Despite her innate taste, deep sense of style, and remarkable intelligence, it took a long time–with more designs shelved than built–before she got her first commissioned work, the Vitra Fire Station (now a museum). Years after this milestone project, Zaha Hadid is synonymous to a brand that speaks and breathes design programs and solutions regarded as innovative, explorative, and sensitive while at the same time being sensuously humanistic.

Zaha would have turned 70 this year. Not surprisingly, her early demise actually catapulted her to immortality status as her life, her work, and her legacy endearingly endures.

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